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Lakitu, new betta

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While out in Mount Pearl today on my way to get Coco's medicine my bf and sister wanted to go to the small pet store out there, neither of them had been there before and so we went in. I convinced Matt that a betta would look great in our room and they came free with the kit. Anyway, we didn't get him there bc the prices were outrageous. On our way home we stopped into my tried and true pet store where I gets bunny supplies all the time. The lady came to help us and was very nice and informative and breeds bettas. She helped us out a lot. As much as I despise stores that sell pets, well, we got a little guy. He's blue (and silver) and the biggest one there {that was Matt's idea} and brought him home. We named him Lakitu (after the jerk baddie in Mario who drops down those awful spiky dinosaurs from the sky:giggle:) and right now he's on my desk between mine and Matt's computer spots. He's been active since we put him in there. I've been home reading up on betta's and their care for an unfiltered tank. I hope he likes being brothers to Coco and Kayshie :rolleyes:

**My phone camera seems to suck (is that news?) so I'll have to get a picture tomorrow in natural light bc tonight even with the lamp he keeps coming on the cam black o_O
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Yay! Can't wait for pictures!
Even better news, now that he's all warmed up to his new tank he's been dancing for a couple hours now. Just flipping his tail feathers back and forth. Very active. And since we already made up a feeding chart and cleaning sched which works out that tomorrow he won't get fed, we decided to see if he was hungry tonight...He don't care much for flakes, but that's okay bc the pck comes with freeze dried bloodworms which I read were safe and healthy. He loooooved it! He ate 1 and a half (so he must have eaten today). But now he changed colors!! :D
Yay! Congrats!

Pics soon...:D
Bettas looove bloodworms...tis a favorite.
Who at Pet City breeds bettas?
In my gourami's they used to change colors based on their mood. When they were stimulated and happy they shone very bright, when they were sick and dying they got dull. So I think Mr.Fishie must be real happy with his set up ^^ He was a light silver blue when we bought him but last night he showed out more green sheen to him his feeler things were red and white and his underbelly was purpley-red. I'm gonna go try to get more pics now that its day time.

And some older lady who was doing something with the fishies came to help us and she said she bred them at home for hobby, none of hers were at the store.

Meet Lakitu!! (better pics to come when I gets a new cammie)

Nice black head ^^
I think he finds his image quite unnerving:giggle:
It's when he flares that the green comes out, and silvery

<< grumpy face Lakitu

**I apologize for the lack of rotation. Apparantly Photobucket can't handle the job and my computer is having a tough enough time keeping 3 live tabs open :binkie: Enjoy!!
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He's very pretty! I love bettas. I really miss owning them....but after our last one passed away we decided not to get any more new aquatic pets until we move into our own place. I hope you enjoy Lakitu (Love the name, btw!)
He is very pretty! Congrats again.
Chloe and I really want bettas again.

Hmmm,I was just trying to figure out who it was there.
I never seen her before. She's an older lady. Anyway, Thanks!! So far I've really been enjoying him. He's neat. I haven't had bettas or any fish in about 5 years now. Last time I did I swore I would never again get them. I don't like them banging into the sides. But then bettas are so pretty and easy to care for and don't need filters and heaters and all that. We keep a light above his water for a couple hours for the heat and Matt wants to look online for colored lights (eye roll). We made a schedule for feeding and cleaning the tank. I just have to make sure now that Matt don't frig it up when he cleans it -_- He don't know about floating and stuff. I'll have to lead by example. Matt really likes the fish, I'm happy with how easy it was to convince him. I just pointed to them and said we should get one... I didn't expect him to agree!! lol He picked out the orange gravel and we're gonna print off an awesome orange backdrop and get him another hidey hole and plant to rest in. I want to teach him to jump for blood worms!! :D He's not used to us yet to come to our fingers though.
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Hmm,maybe she is new.

Hehe,I can see how excited you are about Mr. Lakitu...from here,texts and FB! :D LOL! At Matt wanting orange gravel and different color lights...boys...:rolleyes: :)

Makes me want another one even more,I been thinking about it for awhile and over to the other forum everyone has been getting bettas and posting pictures. Someone even got a giant betta,which are neat. Chloe wants one too. We will soon.

Anyway he will get used to you,when he realizes you guys are the bringers of food! :yes:
Um hang on... Giant bettas??

I had my finger in there yesterday (after I cleaned it) and he came very close just looking. He didn't really have an appetite today, even though he wasn't fed yesterday :/ But he's getting more active now that we're awake longer.
He's cute! One of my bettas used to jump out of his bowl for food. :D
I want to see this giant betta you speak of.

That is a link to Google pictures.
In PNP someone recently got a giant betta she named Hugo. I never knew they existed till the member over to that forum got one.
Cute betta! :) I'd remove some of the gravel, personally, to give him more swimming room.
Really? Okay ^^ I've been reading about the small tanks for bettas. Ther only reason he has so much is bc the tank came with the purple ones but Mr.Sooky Pants wanted the orange ones. He'll be thrilled to get to remove my purple ones :( I'll take half of each out I think. Thanks :)
Wow, I just posted that link to Matt's fb.. Next pet we'll get :rolleyes: giant betta's would no doubt need a bigger tank- if Matt wants to clean it sure :D
Really? Okay ^^ I've been reading about the small tanks for bettas. Ther only reason he has so much is bc the tank came with the purple ones but Mr.Sooky Pants wanted the orange ones. He'll be thrilled to get to remove my purple ones :( I'll take half of each out I think. Thanks :)
Since the tank is so small you want to maximize swimming room :). It's not large enough to properly cycle (and have it be stable, anyways) so the gravel is just decorative. In larger tanks, the gravel acts as a place for beneficial bacteria to grow :).

Sorry about your purple gravel :lol:.
As far as 'giant' bettas go, there is a line of Betta splendens that has been bred for size (and often of the 'plakat' type) and sold as 'giant betta', as well as several other species of betta (most not colourful), such as Betta pugnax, Betta pi, etc that are very large (some with body length of as much as 11cm).
OMG, I totally want a giant betta now. Those things are beasts.

Why wouldn't Matt want purple?! It's such an awesome color! The orange is a nice contrast to your betta's blueness though!
Well initially we had the blue betta picked out and a red tank with red gravel for that reason, Jess. When he showed me the gravel I was o_O OMG (*blink blink*) and didn't want anyone's eyes to get sore. So I found the purple which I thought was blue. He's a boy though, the deal was we would get the fishie for the desk (also to prevent further cluttering the desks) and he wanted to pick out cool lights for it. When we couldn't find cool lights he picked out the flashiest pebbles ever (eye roll) But I'm happy with them bc of pretty contrast.

I will be removing the pebbles (sad dramatic tear rolling down my cheek) I'll do it quietly and he won't even notice... I'm SO keeping my purple pebbles!
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