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Lakitu's newest and finalist crib!

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I've been doing a lot of reading on a betta forum and while there is and always will be much debate on proper habitats for the lil guys, I feel the 2.5-3 gal Critter Keeper I recently impulse bought will be the best home Lakitu or any of his spawn-siblings will ever get. I went up to PetSmart and got the CK, a driftwood, some silk plants, extra gravel, and some sea shells. 2 Days ago I got my order from online PetSmart of a Betta Therm heater and strip thermometer.
He now has an ideal home and he hasn't been happier. He just doesn't stop now. I mean before he had energy but he is just zip-zooming all over the place now! He's always showing me his scary puffy dragon face:giggle: (which btw has red stripes on them which I think is just kick ***) Oh, I also split on a package of frozen bloodworms with Lisa and Lakitu's been binging on them playing hunter and all.

It was an inexpensive (modest at least) trip which has made a pretty big deal to my fish who always seemed best kind anyway :) Oh, his tail is also healing at a much faster rate (taking pics now)

Without further ado, Laki's new groove (part 2):
<floating to acclimate

My moss ball Poof is now a floof :lol: I had to tie her down on the driftwood. Anyone have any idea how long it could take for her to attach??
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It's amazing what a difference a larger habitat can make, huh? :D How's the heater working? That should help speed up healing, too.

As for the moss ball, it's a Marimo Moss Ball, right? I'm not sure exactly how long it'll take to attach (mine are balls so they stay at the bottom) but I'd imagine it'd attach to driftwood quickly.
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