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Legend of Lakitu

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The legend of the big fighter Lakitu has ended. He passed last night leaving behind his little brother Bowser, Oliver, Acacia, myself and Matt. He fought hard, I could see that. My only regret was not helping him go when I had the chance (we were freezing water but then I got a response from an expert who gave me a strict regimen)
Lakitu, you will always be my heart betta.
Rest well big guy. Mom and dad will miss you.
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I'm very sorry for your loss :(. Sometimes pet store bettas don't have the lifespans we wish they did. From reading previous posts, he had a ton of personality.
Yea, but I'm thinking what you thought- osmosis shock.. Or something in the same realm of it. The shrimp/plant/gravel night of Friday the 13th was the night that ruined his life.
He sure did have spunk!! I'll never forget him. I don't care he nipped his tail whenever it looked awesome, trying out new looks? In any case, there's an emptiness now- both literally and figuratively.
I'm sorry you lost him. Lakitu was a very handsome betta.
R.I.P Lakitu

Fallen soldier
Sorry he went, hopefully it was peaceful for him. <3
Thanks, I hope the epsom solution didn't hurt him on his way out is all.
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