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Hey all - so my fiance's mom is being a royal....errr...pain in the butt again, and she won't take me out for pet food. So now I need to have my dad order pet food online for me and have it shipped here.

That said...

I need to know anyone's opinion on this site:

Do they scam you? Do they ship quickly? Is/are the product(s) in good condition when received? I got this website off of the small list of online retailers that Oxbow sends its products to.

Any opinion on it would be awesome - I can't afford for them to scam me, rather, my dad, out of his money, and as is since my guinea pig is running out of food I'll still probably have to walk the 5 1/2 hours to the pet store to pick up her food. :/

Thanks to anyone that can help me out.
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I ordered my rabbits cage from there (the gaint 3 story condo! :D) as well as supplies, and a few times food.

No they don't scam you. They have good customer service, and I've never had any problems with any of my orders. In my experience, orders are shipped pretty quickly and don't take too long to arrive. Sorry I can't give you exact shipment times, it's actually been awhile since I ordered from them.

I usually order from other sites now just because they're a little bit cheaper, but I have no complaints about Leither Petwerks! :)
I scanned the prices from the other sites their products sell to, and it seemed Leith was the most reasonably-priced. Pet Food Direct I've read several bad complaints about issues during shipping and other such things, and I really can't afford for that to happen right now. I'm all kinds of irritated at my fiance's mom because when we moved back here she promised that my pets would ALWAYS have food and never go without. Of course now that's she pissy with my fiance and I, she's decided to back down on that promise.

Thanks for your input, :)
Leith is a great company, they donate to our rescue's fundraisers occasionally.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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