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Hello everyone :) it has been a very long time since I have been here, and I am sorry about that. After the passing of Puppers it was hard for me to come here and see all the happy doggy stories, I was hurting to much, but I am back...and with a new family addition.

Leo is a feral cat I found as a kitten. when I found him he was skin and bones and very sick, he had been attacked at some point and had an open wound. The little guy was a fighter though, as weak as he was he sure managed to kick my butt. I spotted him on my fence about the same time my Golden Girls did, so Ken quickly grabbed their collar while I went for the kitten...well that little guy bit me over 50 times lol, I had so many puncture wounds it was nuts, he also managed to brak my finger in 2 places with the force of his bite.

Well we took him to the vet and I went to the docs (had to get a shot and get my finger fixed and antibiotics for the big infection from the puncture wounds lol) I worked with this little guy big time, it took 2 weeks for him to trust me (not very long at all for a feral) and now he is 8 months old and my constant shadow lol. He is now nuetured had all his shots, microchipped and an indoor only spoiled kitty lol.

Leo is black and white, he will have life long medical problems, but we ar eok with that, he has seazures now and again, not major ones, but xcary all the same (vet says to just watch him for now, he is under vet care and goes almost every other week) he has been a joy to us.

Franz and Twitch accepted him right off, he was so tiny and all bones when we brought him in, and after getting the all clear from the vet, he was introduced to them, and Franz took to him big time, he is always cleaning him and whenever Leo gets scared he runs to Franz for reassurance. Twitch loves to play with him, they play tag all day long lol.

Lol I know this is long winded, but there is so much I could say about him :)

I have also sucessfully rescued 2 pregnant feral females and cared for them and their babies til the kittens were 9 weeks old, then they were all rehomed into truly amazing homes (those of you I talk to on FB know all of that lol)

Anyways I am so glad to be back, wont be on everyday, but I promise not to dissappear again :)

I will post more pics later...and yes he is already a very big boy lol, Franz is 15 pds and he is 7 other kitty Twitch is 10 pds :)
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Aww, what a cutie! Sounds like he was really a viscious little one, wow!

Glad to see you back!
Thank you Jess...he was a mean little thing at first, but I like to think it was just cause he was injured, sick and terrified he is a lap cat, he wants to be held all the time lol. He follows me around like a puppy, he is truly one of the family lol
Awww...I'm glad to hear happy endings! We have so many feral cats in the housing developement where we live. You can't begin to get near them. At night you can hear the squalls and screeches and it just breaks my heart that they have to live that way. I could just strangle people who won't get them neutered and let them roam all over the place creating more until they die of disease or infected wounds. My Lucy was a skinny stray, too, but she was so loveable. I couldn't leave her out there!
I am glad Lucy found you :) there are hundreds of ferrals, drop-offs, strays here in my area...I have food out at all times, just so they all have something, but I also sit out there all the time lol, and eventually they get used to me, then I get them to take the kitty treats from my hand, from there its fairly easy for me to gain full trust and get them used to being handled then I get them rehomed, I have had alot of success so far. the ones that are to feral to ever be pets we use traps with, catch them, get them to the vet to get fixed and get shots, then we release them, its actually working really good.

But sadly because I live just on the verge of the country we get a ton of drop offs, its heart breaking to see someones pet being abandoned, to see the fear in their eyes and knowing they have no idea how to fend for themselves, me try to get them in right away, they are easy to rehome, but sometimes we have to take then to rescues til we can rehome them. How I became the kitty saver here I dont know, its been years since I have been doing it, now people knock on my door with found cats for me to handle lol...

right now Leo is at my front door (inside) talking to my newest ferals lol...its twins fred and george and a little kitten they are protective of we just call baby, I can handle George but not Fred or the baby...George trusts me alot, he even lets me hold him and cuddle him, now I just gotta get his brother to like me to lol
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Hey glad to see you around. Congrats on the kitty. Hopefully the others will warm up to you soon!
thank you :) they trusted m enough tonight to come into the garage out of the rain :) its always baby steps, but looking good :)
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