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:( i was showing my little brother my leopard geckos and i was cleaning out the cage and putting new paper towels in and he asked if he could put one of the homes in, its a half of a log hollowed out, and he droped it and it hit one of my geckos after it fell and rolled over, there young i just got them a few days ago, a few months old maybe altho i have older ones to that i have had for a while, he looks fine exept for his arm looks like its either bruised or is internally bleeding and hes not using it alot but he does put it down some, i have 6 geckos now and nothing like this has happend to any of them and im not sure what to do, i took him out of the cage with the other 2 geckos he was in with and put him in a spare i have that is smaller so the other ones wouldnt bother him hes been walking around and everything just not really using his arm its swollen and red, is he going to be alright?
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