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Level covers?

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Hey, we just adopted 4 new degus, but the cage they came in has the wire mesh levels (the bottom is all metal, so no problems with that). Just wondering if anyone has any ideas how I can cover them up so it's a little safer for them? I've done tons of research but just wanted to get a little feedback from someone who may have done the same thing. Thanks!:)
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Not sure about degus cause I have never had one but when I had rats, I'd undo toilet paper rolls and lay them across. Also lots of houses with floors and I had a few straw things down.
Yeah I was wondering about cardboard or something, I've heard that suggested from some other people, but degus chew EVERYTHING so I wasn't sure how safe it would be for them!
I used to use timothy hay and straw mats sold in pet stores :). They do need to be replaced from time to time, though, depending on how much your degus chew :lol:.
They absolutely LOVE Timothy Hay lol The people we got them from never gave it to them, all they had were rabbit pellets and hamster food :S They are loving the Timothy hay, alfalfa cubes, and degu food! So I'm not sure how long that or the straw mats would last, they are definite chewers since they've never had anything to chew on before other than the bars lol I've heard a few people also suggest peel and stick tiles, which sounds great in theory, but wouldn't they just chew it up? I need something to keep their feet safe that will last somewhat, and so that they will stop peeing/pooping on everything! (They like to go to the top level and do it, and it always ends up OUTSIDE the cage, it's driving me nuts! haha)
I don't think there's anything safe that they don't destroy after a while :lol:. I think you're just going to have to assume you'll need to replace whatever it is, haha. Unless you can find some type of metal or something.
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