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Hey, I got a new dog named lilly awhile ago and some kids wear playing with her and droped her from like three feet in the air. shes small and dosn`t weight that much. Her breed his tea cup chihuahua, Yorki, and Malteze. It happened yesterday afternoon. she squeled for 1 min and started limping on her leg she jump from high heights and stands and all paws, but when she walks she limps her back right leg. I`m really worried for her its already the next morning and I want to know if i`ts broken. I checked her leg and paw for brusies,cuts, thorns, and i poked around her leg and she squels when preasure on shin. So should I bring her to the vet or let it sit for a few days.:confused:
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Id bring her to the vet if shes still crying.
She`s fine for now but, she still limps
if she cries when you touch it take her to the vet, if it is broken and you wait you could have to amputate it.
If she's still limping I'd suggest you bring her to the vet.
I'd take her to the vet for the simple reason chihuahuas have knee problems which are worsened by poor breeding and smaller size.

My teacher brings in her little chi whos knee is so bad that she really doesn't use that leg unless shes running full speed.
Poor little dog, hope it is not serious. Update us once you've been to the vet.
i'd suggest taking her to the vet if she's still limping and crying, since she's a smaller dog, her bones will be much weaker and if she's a younger dog she will have even more brittle of bones... take her to the vet in case she did break it
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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