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Martins Cages:
Cheap for what you get. We recommend the R-680, R-685, and the R-695 only for 2-3 rats. Spring for the powder coating. Galvanized absorbs urine smells and deteriorates much faster. For 20 dollars more, you get 2 or more years extra of use.

Critter Nation Cages:
The Rolls Royce of rat cages. This cage comes with the escape proof recommended 1/2 inch horizontal bar spacing. It is sturdy and very easy to clean. However, it's large and heavy, making it difficult to move on a non flat surface in spite of the wheeled base. The pans are too shallow for pour in bedding and it can be difficult to find a way to secure flannel/felt lining to them.

Ferret Nation Cages:


Made by the same manufacturers as the Critter Nation but notably cheaper. The bar spacing is 1 inch wide, which makes it unsuitable for juvenile or smaller female rats. Also, the bars are vertically spaced making it difficult to attach hammocks for climbing. It can be modified by hand by wrapping it in hardware cloth. So while not pretty, if money is an issue, this might be a better option than the Critter Nation. Otherwise, identical cleaning and movability issues as the Critter Nation.

Bass Cages:
Intended more for large scale breeders, but can be purchased for pet owners.

Housing Considerations for Rats:

Cheap Rat Toy Ideas:

Home Made Rat Cage Ideas:
Wire Shelving:
Grotto Styles:
Hardware Cloth (Cheapest):
Hardware Cloth, PVC, and Zip Ties:
DIY Cage Building Accessories:

Calculating Proper Size for Cage:
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