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Linus refuses to eat anything different

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Linus's current diet consists of hay, pellets, and water.

Today, my mom brought home some parsley from the market. I remembered reading somewhere that parsley was a good "starter food" for rabbits as its less likely to cause stomach upset. So I took a small sprig, washed it, and tried to give it to him.

He took one whiff and pretty much ran away from it. Then he shook his head at me as if to say "How dare you try to offer me THAT!"

Then, just a few minutes ago, I tried to offer him a small, small piece of pineapple, and he did the same thing. He's acting like a petulant child... probably because he IS a petulant child at 3 1/2 months old.

Is it possible for some rabbits to just want hay and pellets and nothing else? I mean, obviously all I tried was pineapple and parsley, but do you have any tricks for introducing foods to rabbits or is it just kind of a trial and error thing?
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I wouldn't worry too much about it, maybe it didn't smell too good to him? you could try some banana or apple, my buns love them, especially banana.
Put it in his food bowl and ~walk away!! My snooty-booty bunny Millie thinks she's too good to eat new foods from my hand~Jack is all over me if I even walk close to the fridge! I think it's a trust-issue/ personality thing...just like kiddos, some bunns are slow-to-warm :D
Bunnies can be picky. I used to find myself at the produce section milling over pears, bananas, apples, grapes, and berries (fruits) and then looming over the lettuce wall deciding over red leaf, green leaf, romaine, the pre-mixed variety packs. ALL because Acacia was such a picky little runt. With my other bun Akina I could pick up anything and she'd be thrilled and appreciative.

All I can say, keep trying in small doses. Eventually replace his pellets with a heaping bowl of veggies just for a night or something (well maybe not heaping if he's not used to it, you don't wanna give him bad bellies) he will liken to it. Even now Acacia might not eat certain foods from my hand, only from her bowl. She's one stubborn child I tell you :p

I wouldn't start with pineapple either. The acidic smell turns some bunnies away and some never eat fresh pineapple (Kaysh).. Apples (Acacia's favorite are the yellow ones and dark rd ones) or pears. It's sweet enough that they want to try it but refrain from too much since they're high in sugar.
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A lot of rabbits don't take to new foods right away. Keep offering it to him and eventually he should figure out that it's safe/good to eat.

I have a rabbit like that too - the first time I give him new foods he's never had before he wants nothing to do with them. After I offer the food a few times he'll usually try a nibble and then eventually decide that he likes it.
I just put little pieces of banana in his bowl. As far as I can tell... he's not interested -- he's in full bunny flop mode right now. Which definitely impedes on my cage-cleaning plans but oh well. I don't have the heart to disturb a flopped bunny!
now that I think of it I can recall that when Speckle was about his age I tried to give her a piece of carrot for the first time and she sniffed it and ran away, I left it in her bowl and a few hours later she was munching away at it, you just gotta let him explore it on his own.
Same goes when I was showing my friend how to handle and treat her bunny who had come from a neglective home previous. It didn't know what treats were. It didn't even have hay before my friend got her!!! Over time they will warm up to new things. Ever hear of the Chinese horoscope of the bunny? I did (bc I was born yr of the rabbit) which states that rabbits are prone to acclimate slowly and don't take sudden change very comfortably. :D
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