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Linus's belly is gurgling.

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I was sitting at my desk on the computer when I heard a rather strange gurgling sound. It wasn't overly loud, but it was audible enough for me to stop and figure it out. Ruling myself out, I realized it came from Linus who was in his cage a few feet away.

I've read that stomach gurgling in a rabbit can signal gas which can be quite painful and a pre-cursor to GI stasis, so clearly, I was initially concerned.

I say initially because Linus is acting completely normal. He is eating his pellets, drinking water, grooming himself, munching on hay, "re-decorating," and he's even done a few full-fledged flops in his cage.

I'm inclined to believe he may have had gas, but it was minor and passed, or that the stomach sounds were normal post-eating digestive sounds that I just happened to notice today because I didn't have the usual background noise going on.

I'm still going to keep an eye on him, obviously, but I'm hoping I'm right in thinking it wasn't anything major, and I was wondering if any of you ever hear your rabbit's tummies making noise, and if it's ever been a cause for concern for you (or if it resulted in actual illness).
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Rabbit's tummies should make quiet gurgling sounds.

If they become much louder than normal, it can be a sign of gas. If their tummies are silent, that's bad too because it can mean that their stomachs are in stasis.

As long as he is eating and acting normally I would just keep an eye on him. I have heard my bunnies tummies get loud before, but they where eating, acting, and using the bathroom normally still. If it was gas, it seemed to have passed on it's own. Be careful not to feed any gassy foods though - if it where me I'd probably just feed hay and fresh water until things where back to normal.

Something interesting - if you put your ear up to your rabbits stomach at any random time you should be able to hear their tummies making low gurgling sounds. It can be good to learn your rabbit's normal gut sounds, so that it's easier for you to identify any abnormal sounds.
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What an old smelly bunny! If you stopped hearing it as loud as you were he probably had gas. I hope so anyway!
This happens to both Speckle and Simon, I thought it was just normal, I'm glad you asked about it.
i have heard benji's before, i thought it was normal also, glad he is acting fine!
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