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Lionhead Bunny

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I want to buy a lion-head bunny. Does anyone know how much Rocky Top Pets sells their lion-head bunnies for? I will keep this bunny outside in a 8' buy 17' enclosure. I plan on feeding him mostly Timothy Hay, Clover, and Dandelions; and of course he'll have a bowl of fresh water. He will also have a little house he can go into. Is there anything else I should know? Thanks! :D
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Bunnies are social. 2 or 3 is much better. ESPECIALLY if they're going to be outside which frankly isn't entirely the best option if there's any possibility they can be inside. Also, you're missing a lot on the diet. Those three are good and all, but bunnies aren't going to eat clover day in and day out because of the protein content(I think it's the protein content; I do this too, I pull fresh grass, clover, and dandelions from the yard as a daily basis, but that isn't all I give my bunny, and my bunny stopped eating clover when her body told her it had had enough of the protein in it). Also, you need to put serious consideration into neutering all bunnies, because they are NOT the cute, friendly, please-hold-me creatures they are portrayed to be. They can be anti-social and mean, especially if they aren't altered.
Good luck on your quest, I met couple of this cute bunnies and they both so sweet and gentle.
Thank you both for the help, and Thanks, Wishbone, for the encouragement. I'm excited and it's good to know that others wish me the best. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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