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Litter Training?

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Binoo was using the box just fine until about a month ago. he started peeing in 2 corners. I tried a bigger litter pan (a cat pan) and he would stand in the litter pan and pee on the side of it so all the pee would get underneath the pan and cause a bad odor. What should I do? He uses one corner more than the other.
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How long did he use it before the trouble started? If he was using it and suddenly stopped, I would probably want to rule out potential health issues. Has Binoo been to the vet for a check up lately? Maybe bring him in to get looked at, make sure he doesn't have a UTI or something like that that would alter his litter box habits.

Have you tried high sided litter pans? They make them for cats so they don't pee over the side of the box, but many people use them for rabbits as well.
He was just at the vet a few days ago to see if he was old enough to be neutered. Like every time I bring one of my Fur babies in to get looked at I have the vet do regular checks for all common illnesses(expensive but worth it) He said that Binoo was still a bit young as we dont know his date of birth. I have 2 corner pans, I use one when I'm cleaning the other.

His cage is about 3ft by 1ft long, if it matters. Also my boyfriend and I were talking about moving in together. He has a male cat named Magic(he has marks in the shape of an M on this forehead) Will they be okay? They will never be left alone in the same room.
sounds like hes going through a teenager phase i could be wrong though. neuturing will definetly help .
I agree with nibbler. Neutering should help but it's not always guaranteed, so keep this in mind.
I have been litter box training rabbits for over 5 years now and have seen many things. 1 particular incident was when I took one of my foster rabbits to the vet for a check-up since he was acting irregular--including not using the litter box as easily as other rabbits. Apparently the symptoms of what the rabbit had (I can't remember what it was anymore since it was so long ago) didn't show up for the doctor since it was so early on.
The doctor gave the rabbit a clean bill of health so I proceeded to adopt the rabbit out as a "Not litter box trained" rabbit.
About 2 months later the new owners came to me telling me he was doing great with the litter box and the doctor they took him to said he has irritated by whatever he had.

I apologize for the long story but the point is-- don't exclude everything out. Rabbits are so sensitive to the smallest things. New animals in the house, small litter box, a litter he may not like (I use carefresh), sooo many things. Goodluck.
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