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Does anyone else follow any of the live animal cams?

I've been checking into the owl one lately - it's so cool to watch the baby owls and sometimes you can even see mom and dad stop in to feed them or to sleep.

Here are links to the owls...

This is inside the nest...

And this camera is right outside the nest box, sometimes you can catch a glimpse of mom and/or dad owl hanging out outside.

Here is a hummingbird cam, I believe there are two chicks in the nest right now :)

Thiis one is of 3 baby squirrels that where orphaned and are being raised by humans...

This one is of a bald eagle nest...

I know I've seen more in the past too. There was one I followed last year that was focused on a red tailed hawk nest, and I know a couple of zoos have live streaming cameras on some of their animals as well.

I think it's so cool to be able to watch live videos of animals in the wild - you can follow their lives up close without actually having to disturb them. When they have babies, I love to check in every day to see how the babies are growing!

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