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Long time no see :)

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I took some time off. But, I missed it and also have questions so now I'm back! I always loved everyone's advice and the information others had to offer. I was never led astray. :sneakyhugNow I have only a Betta and stay with aquariums due to plenty of allergies. Sure I miss my old pets, but I'm saving my energy for a dog in the future (FAR future) LOL. Tomorrow I'm picking up two convict cichlids and have some questions I'm pretty sure I all ready know the answers to. Tank is all ready cycled and waiting. I've done so much reading I'm going cross eyed! I'd love to hear of the experience from those who have or have had cichlids. I'll post in the proper section tonight, as I'm off to make dinner. :D
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Hi there, and welcome back! I remember you. :D
Hey great to see you again, I do remember you too! lol :)
Welcome back! :D

I was pretty surprised to get a thread notification saying you made a thread in aquatics! :lol: Haven't seen you in a while!
Welcome back!!! :D

As fort the cichlids, no idea. I never had them sorry :/ but I do have a betta! ^^ I'm sure you know all about bettas though ^^
lol yes it's been a while. I must say I have such a playful betta, he dances when we're paying attention to him, shoots across the tank and wraps himself around plants, or just lies and floats in all the plants, it's like he needs a hammock LOL
hello! welcome to the community.,
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