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Looking For A Dog

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So I'm considering getting a dog. Mostly for protection (not watchdog capabilities) and, yes, I fully intend to go through some intense training with whatever one I end up getting.

Unfortunately, most excellent watchdogs are of the larger or harder-to-find breeds. I need a small-medium dog, preferably easy to groom, and great guard dog capability. It has to get along with other animals, I don't particularly worry about children or ease of training. I also need a dog that can keep up on hikes, go camping, and not freeze to death in -40 weather.

Unfortunately, I might be stuck with a purebred puppy. I really wanted to rescue an adult mutt but realized I would have no idea if it's safe around my smaller animals or how well socialized it was, etc.

Now, for the breeds I was looking at:

Doberman Pinscher:

Probably the only medium guard dog. Does well if socialized at an early age, easily trained, minimal shedding, doesn't do too well with cold.

Australian Cattle Dog:

Medium herding dog (natural watchdog) but is suspicious of strangers as well. Needs lots of energy draining activities, easily trained, minimal grooming, and might not do too well in cold.

Shiba Inu:

Absolutely adorable small hunting dog. Good watchdog, suspicious of strangers but not TOO much of a guard dog. Is high energy and tough, doesn't like other dogs, may attack smaller animals but usually gets along with cats. Not easily trained, very stubborn, minimal grooming. Does well in cold.

So far those are the breeds, which are all over the map. I reeeeeally want a Shiba Inu but the 'attack other animals' is kinda... erk. I have read that if they are raised, socialized, and trained right (and if you let the puppy experience species displeasure) they get along just fine. They are also the smallest and considering I live in a small detached house...

Anyone else have any suggestions? Other dog breed choices?
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Might wanna look into Schnauzers :)

From wiki : "The smallest of the working breeds, the Standard schnauzer makes loyal family dog with guardian instincts. Most will protect their home from uninvited visitors with a deep and robust bark. Originally a German farmdog, they adapt well to any climatic condition, including cold winters. In general, they typically are good with children and were once known in Germany as "kinderwachters". If properly trained and socialized early to different ages, races, and temperaments of people, they can be very patient and tolerant in any situation. Like other working dogs, Standard Schnauzers require a fairly strong-willed owner that can be consistent and firm with training and commands."


"Like most working dogs, Standard Schnauzers will be rambunctious until about the age of two; and lots of exercise will keep them busy. Owners must be prepared to mentally and physically stimulate their Schnauzer every day, even into their old age. Like other high-intelligence breeds, a bored Schnauzer is a destructive Schnauzer."
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They're sooooo cyuuute! And they've got beards!

My biggest issue is with the grooming requirements. I do like the 'less shedding' part since with two cats I have a daily dose of hair. The daily brushing... eh, not so much. But I was avoiding the terriers because of their high prey drive which the schnauzer doesn't seem to have so much! I'll definitely look them up some more, thanks ^^
Border Collie, rottweiler or Aussie shepherd are good choice too, and they are very energetic and friendly too but are good guard dogs.
Are there short-haired Border Collies? Cuz, ****, that hair *twitch* What IS the difference between an Aussie Cattle Dog and Aussie Shepherd anyways?

Most Rottie's are too big. I live in a tiny house (2 story 601 square feet) so the small-medium dogs are the way to go. No matter how much exercise I don't think I'd feel comfortable with a large dog in my tiny kitchen/living room/foyer/pantry.
hi friends i am also looking a cute dog becasue i like too much but don't know what kind of breed i will take so any suggestion for me i will wait your reply.
You should really make your own thread about it but honestly, with such a vague question I can't really offer any suggestions. When thinking about a breed you have to consider:

Where do I live? (Country-living is perfect for larger dogs, especially high-energy ones. There are some larger dogs that can live in small spaces with proper exercise but not that many).

What do I want from a dog? (Companion, watchdog, herding dog, Schutzhund, agility, guard dog, flock guardian, etc. Whatever you want from you dog is what kind you should be looking for, even dictates what breeder you should go to. A breeder who has companion German Shepherds is not one you should buy from if you're looking for a police dog).

How much can I pay? (Not for the dog but for the ongoing expenses. Food and accessories will be more expensive for the bigger dogs but vet expenses might be higher depending on the size).

Does my dog NEED something? (Such as if you want to participate in herding competitions you would look for a herding dog. Same thing if you dog needs to get along with other animals, other dogs, children, etc. You would look for a dog with those traits).

How much time can I spend? (This is especially important. The higher the energy and intelligence, the more time you need to take out of your day. Whether it be play, training, or walking).

And, yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it. ^^
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i vote a schnauzer as well. They are very dedicated dogs. Some are foolishly brave, some are chickens but they will bark a wild bark if they need to either way.

Their grooming needs aren't really that intensive. If you want you can pay to get it done, or you can do it your self. I really enjoy brushing messi every other day or so, and he really only needs to be trimmed every few months. If i wanted to i could get away with trimming every 4 months or so. He is a min schnauzer mix, he is super smart as well.

And the best way to wear him out is to use his mind, we play hide and seek and work on stays and things like treat balls. He will go anywhere for as long as want as well.
More than likely I would end up doing it myself. I do most of my animals grooming myself (besides Sugar's back nails because she's still a traumatized cat). Brushing is something I have to do for Skooma as well so it's not like I'm completely clueless (especially tough when the cat HATES brushing) and I've trimmed her butt before. Schnauzer sounds like an awesome dog, there's only one breeder in BC... might have to look in other provinces...
ya can always check shelters too. At the shelter i work at there are schnauzer mixes often. Even many pure schnauzers.
I'm reluctant to go to our SPCA (not the best facility ever). But, once I find a breed, I'll contact the breeder and find out other rescues/shelters. They do get puppies in occasionally ^^
There are short haired border collies if that's something you're interested in, they are called smooth coat border collies.

Miniature schnauzers are usually only up to about 20 lbs and the ones I've met have been very sweet and friendly. For some reason the mini's seem to be really popular around here. They tend to bark a lot and can make excellent watch dogs.

I groom my dog myself and use to also groom/clip my parent's cocker spaniel before she passed away. It's easy once you get the hang of it and you'll save yourself money if you just buy a good pair of clippers over having to take the dog to a groomer throughout it's life. I actually really enjoy grooming my dog now, it's kind of fun.
I like grooming mine. He lays down on the bathroom floor and trys to nap so i have to keep standing him up but i would much rather him that relaxed compaired to going to a groomer.
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