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As I said above, I am looking for a Siamese breeder in MA. I live in Chicopee and often travel to Worcester (To give you an idea of the places I am around). I am willing to drive up to an hour and a half for that right kitten/cat.

I adopted a seal point apple headed Siamese from a woman who could not keep her any more. The cat was living on top of her stove because she did not like the children, the other cat, or the puppy. She was 15 when I adopted her. I had to have her put down at 16 because of arthritis that was untreatable. She was barely able to walk, had no interest in anything any more, and stopped eating and drinking. It broke my heart to only have her for a year. I miss her so much.

I decided that they best way to move on is by getting another one. Nothing heals the pain of losing a pet then devoting your attention to a new one.

I am looking for seal points, preferably dark points like chocolate with a darker or tan body. I will not adopt anyone over 5 years old. I just can't lose a loved one so soon again. I know cats live for a long time, but each one is different and you never know. I thought mine would live to 20 or so.

Please send me an email if anyone knows of any Siamese for adoption. My email is, [email protected]

I am willing to pay a reasonable adoption fee, especially if they are coming from a rescue center or a pound.
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