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Hello Everyone,

I am seeking advice on a very important matter. My girlfriend and I have 2 dogs and a cat. Irrelevant info really, but one of them is a 13 year old Akita. I have lived with her for almost 7 years now, but she has had the dog since it was a puppy. Over the last year, the dogs health has gone down hill tremendously. At this point in time, he can not walk. His rear legs do not function at all. I carry him (110 pounds..yes this is light for his breed) outside most of the time. Sometimes we pick him up and hold his back side to help hime move. On top of this, he can not control his bowel movement. It just comes out. Has been like this for a good while now. Most recently, he lost control of his bladder. Now, he just goes number one or two just lying there. He now stays in the basement. Its a walk out basement so there is a door to the outside. As you can guess the basement smells. Cleaning up after him daily. And on the porch. The Vet told her as long as he is eating, he doesnt need put down. I do not agree with this opinion. I feel like this is no life for him. On top of all of this, he whines non stop. Pain? Maybe. Depression.... most likely. We just moved so that can't be helping. I just bought a house. So I cant have him in the house using the restroom on the floor all day. This is extremely personal and hard for her, but I feel like it is time. He cant do anything but lay there. He use to be active, but can no longer even play with our other dog. On top of all of this, it cant be healthy for my toddler and girlfriend who is 10 months pregnant. I am just wondering what I should do. Should I find a way to bring this up to her? Call her family (all of which are very close to her dog as well)?

Thanks in advance for your input.
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