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Looking for pet rats

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I have been looking all around Sacramento CA. for a rat breeder and cant seem to find any :( i want to buy two baby male rats but it seems like its going to be impossible.... i do not want to buy them from a pet shop but it seems like i am going to end up buying them from a pet shop. Does anybody know anyone in Sacramento selling any baby ratties or breeders please let me know :(
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Have you tried You can type in your local zipcode and specifics for what you are looking for and it will bring up photos and descriptions of the closest shelters and rescue places that may have baby rats or young rats. That was how my husband and I found our two rescue baby ratties that we adopted, and you would be giving a home to some ratties that need a good home. I would try that for starters. Do you have a local humane society or shelters that you can also search for on the internet? I agree that you should not buy rats from pet stores. Good move! :)
yes i have tried petfinder I only found single rats or older rats, and none that are paired together that are still young.
Too bad you aren't closer to San Diego, as I believe Wee Companions rescue has a ton of babies. You still might want to contact them, just in case they have any knowledge of rats closer to you, or are able to do a rat transport closer to you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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