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Hello Everyone,
I am looking to adopt a female fancy mouse as a cagemate for another female I have. Sprout (my other female) recently lost her cage mate to cancer. I do not breed mice so this mouse will not be bred. I live in northern New Jersey and will pick up the mouse.

Thanks a bunch :D

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Good luck to you. When I was looking for mice, I realized that I didn't have a breeder within 600 miles of me. I never even saw them on petfinder or craiglist. But, you may have better luck.

Just out of curiosity I looked in your area. There used to be a mouse breeder in NJ but her website hasn't been updated since 2008:

She might know someone else though?

New York had Mike Chiodo His mouse site is bare, but if you get rid of the /mice/ extension it will take you to his main site and his contact information.

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Have you checked out Craigslist?

I'm in the same area as you and check Craigslist from time to time and I have seen mice on there before. I don't know if there's any listed right now, but you might want to keep an eye out.

Also check Petfinder. I just took a quick look using my zip code, and there are mice up for adoption from Brooklyn, NY and also a few in NJ and PA, if you are willing to travel a bit to get them.
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