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Lost gerbils

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I recently (about a week ago) got 2 gerbils, Timmy and Neville, who I was going to take to my new flat with me when I went back to uni.
Last night I went up to my room where they are kept and found that somehow the cat had pulled their rotastack cage apart! I have no idea if they're dead or alive as I've found nothing to suggest either way. I'm seriously hoping they're alive and are just hiding in one of the boxes of my belongings in my bedroom.
Does anyone have any tips on finding escapee gerbils? Anything would be a great help! I really want to find them before I go back to uni.
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Leave out food and water. If you have wooden/tiled/laminate floors, put flour on it (You can see foot prints) get down on the floor and look at the world like gerbil. look in dark places. I don't know much about gerbils, but go look in places that would be attractive to them.

Do they respond to their names? if so, call them.
Do they make noises like guinea pigs? if they do, keep everything quiet and listen hard.
Gerbils make little squeak sounds don't they?? And only if they're scared?? I would maybe remove the cat bc as long as they can smell the cat they'll keep hidden.

Get a tall clean garbage bucket and put some tempting treats inside. Build a staircase on the outside of books or bricks but lay some tiny pieces of food on them so the gerbils know there is food but not enough to make them full so they lose interest. Maybe just smear the essence of the food on the stairs ;) I've never caught 2 at once but I did catch a hamster or mouse this way.. BTW, put the "trap" somewhere by the kitchen bc if they've been missing for days they probably figured out the kitchen :) My hamster lived free in the kitchen once for like a week!

Good luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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