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Lost PD

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Can prairie dogs that are outside or run off find their way back to owners?? Kinda like dogs can?
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I don't imagine it would be very likely. A prairie dog lost outside would probably become terrified and hide up somewhere. As a burrowing prey animal it wouldn't be in their nature to run around in the open trying to find home again like a dog would.

Even if it did run around and try to find its way home a little prairie dog stands a much greater chance of being picked off by a predator before it even starts than a dog, with any passing hawks, foxes, dogs, maybe even cats all seeing it as an easy meal.
It has been a long while now and I never did see her again. We have a lot of mesquite land across the street with all kinds of things that would get her. She would prob go up to something too as nice as she was. It just breaks my heart. I almost cried again right before I got online again. I just wish I knew if she was dead or alive. That's the worst part. It's like one of my kids out there.
She was outside in their enclosure and they are always digging up mounds. I have one wall that's not as high as the others and they pilled up a mound of dirt close to that one wall and she jumped out. I think she heard me come home from church and jumped out looking for us and that was it. I searched for five days on my four wheeler and yelling for her. She would yahoo at any sound of a voice and almost scream when she hadn't seen us for a while so I figured she would have yahooed if she heard me call. I miss her so much
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