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I just brought home my Fischer Lovebird and wondered how different it is to take care of her than my cockatiel. They had her on a mix of seed and pellet and see she is picking out the seeds.

My cockatiel is 11 and has been so easy to take care of. Tweety really never was hard on her toys. I've read several things about toys and am confused on what to buy her? Any help would be appreciated since I want to do it right. My animals are human to me :)

Oh and I bought only one because I wanted her to bond to me and I'm home 90% of the time and she will have alot of attention just like my cockatiel.
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You'll love her, but her personality will be way different from a cockatiel. You probably made the right decision on getting one. They do bond better with you that way. Take her out of her cage a lot.
She'll do better on a mix of seeds and pellets, but with occasional veggies and fruits, ...just like any bird.
One thing, if you want her to eat her pellets, ...don't mix the pellets and seed. They'll always choose seed, hands down. Like us, they prefer to eat dessert first. Give her one or the other for a couple of days and then switch.
Mine never played with their toys that much, my 'tiels used theirs much more.
Have fun.
Thanks Bob!
Yes they are totally different I find and in a good way...variety. She doesn't want to stay in her and just wants to ride along on my shoulder an she is a sweet one.

I was told when my cockatiel had a tumor 6 years ago to get her off seed and swith to pellet. With Tweety it took less than 3 days. I just completely swithed food and acted like I was eating it.

This Lovebird will not eat pellets and if I have the mix in eats the seeds. The pet shop said not to give in and at least hold out for another day.

I just wish seeds were as healthy.
I've tried the approach that was given to me. Start Mango's day out with pellets for 2 hours after that switch to her seeds for 20 min. then put pellets back in for the rest of the day until supper time.

Well yes she holds out all day and will not touch the pellets. I even sprinkled some orange juice on them to sweeten. I have a feeling it going to be a stubborn bird. I was told that she will not starve herself but also read yes she will.

Also YES she is different than my tiel. I've read horror stories where all the sudden they become biters. Hope I made the right decision. If not...oh well. Animals are not disposable!
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