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Ludendorff, my multicolored VT. Rescued at the lps, he was one of the last few remaining from an old shipment, they were moving them to make room for more new ones. This store gets bettas from Malaysia, Lude and Lakitu came from the same breeder then. They're always big robust healthy boys coming in from Malaysia :) I love Lude. He nommed his tail one night when I put my snail tank in front of his and he couldn't see me T-T so it's growing now at a really great rate.
Bowser, my red/blue CT/VT. I think he's a combtail consisting of 3/4 CT and 1/4 VT... But who knows. He came from PetSmart so he was bred in the USA most likely or mainland Canada. He's smaller than the Malay bettas. I don't know why. He's fiesty and his colors are just astounding. He's all talk, no action. He puffs up and blows out his cheeks but as soon as you stick in a finger for him to chase and bite he backs off! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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