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Makes me so mad! Makes me so sad!

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Lynwood Pet Store Owner Faces 22 Felony Counts Of Animal Cruelty
He also was practicing veterinary medicine without a license and was so cruel to the animals!


Lynwood Pet Store Owner Faces 22 Felony Counts Of Animal Cruelty - KNBC-TV -
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That's horrable! :mad2:
I just don't understand how people can treat living beings like that!
that is awful, I hope he gets the maximum
:rant: that's horrible!!! :mad:
I think they are pure EVIL, they have no soul!
That is sooo disgusting! What the heck were they (the whole family) thinking! They have no souls!
well i just hope that the law gets involved and teaches them a lesson!
What a jerk.
He better get the max year.
ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING:mad2::mad2::mad2: HOW DARE HE EVEN CALL HIMSELF A HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!! Throwing a cat at a pole!!!???? Taping dogs down to an operating table!!!??? THAT IS BEYOND EVIL, JUST PLAIN DEMONIC!!!!
I hope he gets his full year too, and I don't even think that's enough.

If he was in front of a firing squad and I was helping with the firing I wouldn't care if my gun had the real bullet or not.

I don't understand how people can be so cruel to living things that can't fend for themselves. Sadly most of these people get off easy and only have to do community service or something like that. I wish these people could go through and be forced to feel that pain that they inflicted on these poor animals.
That's sickening. They need to be banned from haveing animals at all.

I agree 100%
That should be a stipulation for their entire family that was involved!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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