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Making animals fat to slow them down

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I heard the craziest thing the other day. I heard two people talking about making dogs and cats fat so they aren't as hyper. I mean wow...I have seen some obese animals and they were much slower and less likely to escape the yard but I have never heard of anyone doing it on purpose.
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That's because people are stupid. Just simply stupid. These are the people that reproduce too.
I think we should have a spay/neuter clinic for people -_-

LOL, agreed!
Those people are probably couch potatoes and need to get more exercise so that they can keep up with their pets.
Aw that's sad. My dog is really hyper and I love it! He's so much fun.
That is just insane. I guess like Ron White says, "There ain't no cure for stupid"
Great, why don't they just hope for diabetes and heart disease while they're at it.
that's so disturbing and upsetting to me... why would you ever intentionally subject your pet to the accompanying health issues, etc so they are less of a perceived 'inconvenience'?! i am baffled.
I think we should have a spay/neuter clinic for people -_-
it is really messed up, i heard about trend in japan that they were trying to fatten up cats so that they would win world records too...
That cartoon was funny :)
i know its hilarious! you need to check out the rest of it if you haven't yet, its awesome~!

i stand corrected, there is no longer a category for this... but i bet you somewhere people are still trying it
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