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Making my Rabbit the Happiest he can be?

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So I recently rescued my rabbit from the school. I won't go into detail about his history but I got him with an ear and skin infection, a funky tooth, he was un-neutered, and has a dislocated foot. I took him in to the vet in our town and we got the ear and skin infection treated, but they did not recommend putting him under for a dental or relocation for his foot. His tooth doesn't cause him to eat or drink less and he's just as active as ever. His foot has been broken for years and they concluded that he doesn't feel any pain in it and that they might not be able to heal it properly, so he lives with his foot. If he does start to feel pain, they said painkillers could be offered.
He is a male lion head rabbit and his name is Archibald, Archie for short. He is 8-10years old. He is my house rabbit and I want to provide him the best care he can get until he dies, because he deserves it. He had such a horrible life before and now I want him to be happy when he dies.
His cage is currently 27ft. long, 8ft. wide, and 7ft. tall. It has a plastic bottom and wired top for good air circulation. The bottom has a 1in. mixture of some bedding wood chips and CareFresh paper bedding. On top of the bedding is 3layers of sheets/blankets for him to lay on (he has to stay on soft surfaces because of his foot). He has one of those corner litter boxes with newspaper substrate in it which he pees in.
He gets an unlimited supply of a rabbit pellet mix and is a good weight on that. He gets 1/2cup of kale, dandelion greens, or parsley, 1tbs. of carrots, celery, or broccoli stems/leaves, and 1tsp. of apples, bananas, or plums every day. He has access to an large bottle of fresh cold water and plenty of hay available at all times. He always has a flavored wood blood, salt lick, and mineral lick available at all times.
He has a rabbit harness on most of the time and I brush him every other day to prevent mats and his cage is cleaned every day and he is given access to the house at least 6-12hrs. a day under supervision. I give him attention in my free time and he usually sits on my lap when I'm on the computer. He gets about 1-2hrs of love from me every day and I usually greet him and pat him when I see him in the hallway so it probably adds up to about 2-4hrs. everyday. He gets 10-30minutes outside a week (I don't like taking him outside cause he gets hot really easily).
He acts like he loves me, he follows me around in the hallway and exercises himself most of the time so he is fairly active considering his age and foot. He always comes up to me and nuzzles me and rubs his chin on me for attention and when I give him attention he always stands up on me and touches noses with me and licks my neck when I pet him. Does he love me? :D
Well so I just want to know I'm doing everything possible to make him happy... Is there anything else I can be doing for him? I don't have a lot of money to spare for him so please don't suggest $50 rabbit hutches.
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aww bless you for rescuing him he seems so happy :)

if you choose to build him another cage, you could always build him a c&c cage there fairly cheap to build (depending on your location) there just shelving items that most hardware / walmarts carry :) , either way sounds like your doing a wonderful job
I am absolutely sure that he loves you!!!!:D:D:)
And he has an awsome cage from what i can read!!!!:)
I am so glad you made such a difference in your rabbits life!!!
It really sounds like you think the world of him(I do too of my bunnies). I think he is getting the best care a rabbit can possibly get.:)And I think he is happy as can be!!!!:D
Yay :)
Everything sounds good right now..
Since he has a twisted tooth I would not offer him unlimited pellets. Actually adult rabbits shouldn't get unlimited pellets anyway. He's senior? Keep his weight up with alfalfa pellets, not the timothy kind. You can feed him a 1/2 cup each day. In between his pellets he should have unlimited hay (alfalfa and a scented orchard blend mixed in so he's interested) and the veggies for his supper.
If your concerned he won't eat his alfalfa pellets or hay sprinkle some oats on it. That's how I keep my bunny's weight up.
The cage sounds fine, just make some changes to his feeding schedule :)
eta- I should mention since his tooth is especially messed up he needs the roughage of the hay to keep it trim. Rabbits are designed to keep their teeth in check from chewing on hay!
what is a good alfalfa pellet that i could feed him?
ok thanks :) my family took a visit to the pet store and got him a good brand of pellets and alfalfa and he loves it! he's eating a lot more now!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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