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Mariah's Cry
The Cry of the Soul

In the beginning it was muffled
a soft and painful cry
the bodies kept arriving
warm tears fell from her eye.

The crush was overwhelming
she felt the jab of bones
the warmth had left their bodies
all she could do was groan.

Her eyes scanned all the bodies
the big ones and the small
she looked for signs of living
and listened for masters call.

She cried a litlle louder
she expected a reprieve
she listened for some kindness
would anybody grieve?

She died alone and filthy
in pain and potters dust
in the end did she relinquish
did she ever lose her trust?

Written by Susan Spence
Copyright 2002

read Mariah's story here:
*warning: graphic nature*
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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