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Marshall "Bi Odor" product?

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A friend of mine has had both of her rats pass recently, and I got boxes and boxes of hand-me-down rat stuff (yay!). Included was an "internal odor eliminator" product that I find suspicious..

All the reviews I can find on it are positive, but I'm leery about anything that says it'll make my rats' waste not smell in the first place. It just sounds.. unnatural and possibly unhealthy.

Anyone familiar with this stuff?
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What is it, exactly? Like an aerosol spray? Or is it actually something you feed them? Either way, I would highly recommend you not use it. Rats are so sensitive to odors with their respiratory systems, and I wouldn't use any product that would somehow alter the air around them promising to eliminate their waste smell. (And in any case, rats really shouldn't smell bad if they are healthy!)
It's a food/water supplement... but I agree, if the animals are kept in sanitary conditions and fed a healthy diet, their odor should be negligible without such a product. I've received several bottles of Bi Odor with rescue animals, and a lot of people swear by it, but I've never really seen a point to using it myself.
Okay, then no, I definitely wouldn't use it. I am especially wary of adding supplements to water, because rats will easily stop drinking their water altogether if it tastes funny to them.
Agreed, thanks for all the feedback. I was just curious about it, and had zero intentions of putting it into their water.
A good rat diet keeps the bad stink down anyway. Well, in every case except my hairless Melon. Neutering helped him some, but he /still/ stinks worse than the other rats and always has. He has never had any sense of proper hygiene. I think he's probably a little 'special' anyway.
Ha ha! That's Melon! Our special little guy!

Yes, if rats are kept in clean conditions there should never be a need for products regarding their smell. My boys have never smelled bad at all, except for that lovely corn chip scent of theirs that I love. :)

I agree on not putting any kind of supplements or products into a rat's drinking bottle. Like Breyer pointed out, rats can quickly become suspicious if they think their water tastes "funny" and stop drinking it.
I think whoever invented the word "Xenophobic" had rats in mind. They are suspicious of everything new.

(Melon always smells like corn chip flavored rat farts. Poor reeky guy).
Ha ha!! Aww, poor Melon smells like corn chip farts. Too funny! Well, give stinky boy a kiss from me anyway. I still loves him. :heart:
Since I think everyone has helped on the eliminator product, I just wanted to shout out to you to make sure everything is clean before giving anything to your rats. Just in case your friends rats died from something contagious!
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