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Marvelous Bird Cages

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Recently, I notice that many sites that sell bird cages offer a new bird cages brand Marvelous Cages. They offer for sale 9-10 models.
I’m in love and impressive of their design. But I’ve never seen these bird cages live in the local PetStore.
Has anyone heard of these? Does anyone have one? Are they nice? What’s about quality, design, company or something! Thank’s friends.
Please share your impressions. In particular: I chose this cage
from for my three3 parakeets.
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Hi there, Marvelous Pet is quite a popular brand for bird cages and other pet accessories. As parakeets are quite social and relatively active, that open-top cage might be good for them. Just be sure to check the measurements to make sure that it's spacious enough for all three of them. You can also look through the selection at
I've seen them a few times at bird shows. ...and at some very attractive prices.

If you get a chance, find a nearby bird show. I often find great prices on the caging, and the folks there are much more negotiable than a pet store.

They really don't want to have to lug all those cages home after the show!

Just in case there aren't any bird shows coming up soon in a town near you or a Petco store near you, take a look at Marvelous bird cages at Right now, you can most likely get one shipped to you for free.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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