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Mastweilers? (Mastiff/Rottweiler mix)

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I'm thinking of getting a Mastweiler from my Dad's friend. I didn't know they were a designer mix until I started searching online. If any of ya'll have ever owned a Mastweiler then I would love to know more about them before I decide whether this is the dog for me or not! Thanks :)
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Mastweilers are pretty healthy dogs, they can be huge but look similar to the rotti, they also possess the guarding insticts of both breeds.
Research both breeds and know they can have a mix of any of those traits. Including health problems, although normally mixes are healthier than pures. But both breeds suffer from the same large dog issues so you could get a lot of problems if the parents have problems.
There is no such thing as a Mastiweiler/Rottiff. They are a mastiff x rottweiler, as such can look like either or one or the other. Behaviour can be the same. You will not know with absoluteness what you will get from the mix.

I have owned this xbreed. I had a male and he stood 76cm at the shoulder and weighed 85-90kg. My friend owned his litter brother and he was quite a bit smaller, and looked different. My guy resembled more Mastiff, his brother more Rott
He was EXTREMELY stranger unfriendly, very very protective. It took a lot of work in obedience to have him safe to walk in pedestrian heavy areas. In his yard no one would dare walk in, and he had to be introduced to new people slowly and carefully.
In the wrong hands he could have very easily become a very dangerous dog! Please be aware they are a powerful breed and need socialization from an early age and definately be obedience trained!

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I hear rottweilers are a tough breed to train, they need a hand who knows obedience and good training skills throughout its lifetime. On the other hand, I'm sure mastiffs are a pretty big deal to train too, probably have quite the mind of its own. Please be careful buying from anyone who claims designer dogs are "breeds". They're mutts. Make no illusion.
I would advise looking into a shelter for a big dog. There are tonnes of surrendered big dogs.
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