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Maximus and the Great Night Scare

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Hi all,

Wow, something happened last night with Maximus that Marc and I have never experienced before and it was a doozy for us. I am still reeling from it! I think I have some gray hair now too.

Long story short: We said our nightly "Good nights" to the boys and went upstairs to go to sleep. We live in a townhouse and our bedroom is up two flights of stairs. The boys' ratty compound is downstairs on the main floor in our combination living/dining room area.

SO, Marc and I are falling asleep, but after a few minutes, I can swear I hear little tiny pitter patter carpet scritching noises...the sound a ratty might make perhaps? I woke up Marc, told him what I thought I heard and of course he mumbles, "I didn't hear anything. It's not the babies. That's ridiculous, you're hearing things, blah, blah."

So I ignored him of course and turned on the light from my nightstand and there, across the room on the floor, running out the door to our bedroom is MAXIMUS (dramatic music starts). GASP.

You have to realize that not only have we never once experienced an escaped ratty before but due to my low back problems, our ratties have always been in caging and free play areas that are always above waist level (dining room table playgrounds, sofas, our bed, etc.) We never have our kids on the floor, so it was a double shock to see my baby UPSTAIRS on our bedroom floor!

So, I freaked out and hysterically woke up Marc who promptly jumped out of bed behind me and we spent forever trying to find little Maxie. He had come upstairs to find us, I am very sure. That just melted me right there. He and Achilles play in and on our bed all the time, and since they are rats, they are of course brilliant smarties, so he knew where Mom and Dad were, I am sure of it. Marc will carry them upstairs to put them in bed with me in the morning, for run around time and kisses/cuddles and so forth.

Anyhoo, We finally found him downstairs under the waist high bookshelf unit that their cage sits on top of. When did he run all the way down both sets of stairs again?? Probably before Marc and I even made it out of our bedroom when we first saw him run out. Ratties are so FAST! Amazing!

Marc laid down full length next to the bookshelf with a piece of treat for Maxie, who came slowly out, then changed his mind about the treat and ran behind Marc's body and right into the space between our vertical blinds and our sliding glass door that goes out to our back patio.

I saw a teeny pink nose sticking out of the vertical blinds, and when I pulled the blinds back, there was Maximus up on his hind legs with his hands in the air, like he was getting arrested. I was never sure what his posture meant. Either he was up on his back legs sniffing to find us or maybe in a defensive scared posture?

Either way, I just about cried because as soon as he saw me, he dropped down to all fours, ran over to me and put his little hands onto the front of my legs and looked up at me as if he was saying, "MOM! Pick me up please!!" My sweet baby!! That just melts me like butter. Being loved and needed by my little boy who wants his Mom. :cry:

How he dropped to the floor of our living room from the height of the cage and was not hurt amazes me. I could kick myself for a year.

I picked him up and wanted to hold him and never let go, I was so relieved. Achilles, the sweet, careful boy that he is, had stayed put. He was sitting right inside on his brick, by the open front gate of their house, watching all the drama. All he needed was a box of popcorn and binoculars to watch the entertainment from his front row seat. :crylaugh:

Sure enough the door was left open. One of us messed up bad and left it open, between the back and forth with Marc and I both going to their house to give goodnight kisses and broccoli treats. It was probably me!

So, back Maxie went into his house with a new treat of course, after Marc went over him with a full body physical to check for any injuries (I think Maxie is made of rubber) and loves and kisses and tears and the oy from Mom, and he finally made himself comfy on a granite slab he loves to lay on and he started bruxing at us.

I am sure he was happy to be back in his safe place. Show over. Whew. I could have used a double scotch or something after that. Their door will be double and triple checked every night from now on, eh? :rolleyes: Relief is in the air. We are just so very, very happy he is okay.

(Now that I think about it, I remember hearing a bang noise a few minutes before I saw Maximus in our room. At the time I thought it was probably our little rock stars getting up to dickens in their house and trashing it, as they can sometimes do. It is possible that the front hatch door was closed but not securely and the poor guy could have been crawling up the inside part of the door and BANG, it falls open and out tumbles Max. I guess we may never know.)
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Hmm, I realized I said "long story short" didn't I? Okay, scratch that. How about short story long? :rolleyes:
Ohhhhh my word, I would have freaked out, too!! What an adventuresome little guy.......too bad his adventure just about gave his mom and dad a heart attack! Russell got loose once the first week we had him home, but it happened when I was going to put him back in his cage (he jumped out of my hands and ran behind the tv center, which led to about a half hour of chasing around the apartment). BUT, that is way different than being woken up to find him in your bedroom!!! hehehe! It is funny now, but I can only imagine how scared you must have been during it all! Thank goodness he is made of steel! :D
Yes, it was very freaky seeing him scuttling across our bedroom floor...I couldn't believe it! I hope it was not too traumatic for him. Poor baby. And yes, we both just about had heart attacks!
I am sooo glad he is okay.
Jeffrey has a soul brother!

Jeffrey has gotten out more than once and induced several mom heart attacks. Fortunately he was quite habitual, and I knew which places to look to find him. Indy says "Job well done" to Achilles. And we all know Achilles was a warrior without peer, except for that minor pesky ankle problem.

I do find it adorable that the first thing he did was come up to look for you guys. And I can hear a little chipmunk voice all Cagny like going "The jig is up see?" when you pulled back the blind.
Ha ha! I was thinking the same thing Story! Maximus saying, "You'll never take me alive, coppers!!"

Yep, it was actually Maxie(the berkshire) and not Achilles (the hooded) that had the Indy-approved adventure. I think we misnamed our boys!

Achilles does have an Achilles heel and it is food. Maxie is the fearless one and also the skinny one. We should have switched their names, because Achilles is definitely a "maximus" fatty ratty. :lol:
I'm so glad you found him safe and sound! Aaaw and the end is touching, he sounds like he loves you so much.
Aww, thanks Mauspup! Yes, I think it is safe to say our boys do love us very much. Makes me feel so good. :dream:
I am so glad to know that Maximus is safe. Those types of situations are so scary.
When i first got the new topper wire cage to my mice cage (the bottom is an aquarium), i kept catching my girls on top of their cage, i kept thinking i possibly left it opened at some point and they escaped...nope! It was a production error. One set of the bars is spaced a little too far apart, and my little girls slip right through. So now i have to put an old t-shirt over the spot and put a little bin that is too heavy for them to move on that section so they cant escape.
I also had an incident with one of my ratties, Isabel. I am a very light sleeper, so one night i heard a strange noise and then tons of squeaking and i picked up my tablet to shine the light in the direction of their cage...and to my suprise the upper door to the rat cage was wide open!!! I started freaking out....then i saw Isabel trying to figure out where to go. She climbed to the top of her cage and Ava was on the inside talking so much and so loud, which is why i woke up, i seriously think she was trying to help her figure out a way back in. Normally i know Izzy could figure things out, but i think she just got really scared. And on top of that we have 3 cats so i ws terrified they would get ahold of her (although their cage is up too high so the cats cant get on it, or sit next to it...i have everything cat proofed obviously). I am assuming that i left the cage open, or didnt fully lock it. I could kick myself in the butt for that one :( i was so scared cause if she would have gotten hurt i would have felt horrible. Those situations are so scary!
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Thanks Summerclara, we are very relieved he is safe too! :)

Your story about your girls was scary too. Especially with cats around, yes? I know exactly what you are talking about concerning that tank topper. We had a tank topper on top of an aquarium for our two gerbil boys but I guess our topper was a different design because there were no gaps in the bars. Well, maybe gerbils are a tad bigger than mice too?

I am glad your girls were okay too. You must have been very relieved! That was so sweet that Ava was squeaking away at her sister up on top of the topper, not knowing where to go. It was like Ava was yelling up at her, "Oooh, what are you doing up there? Come back down!!" :)
This is /not/ the first time I've gotten my boys' names mixed. LOL
Ha ha, yeah, that happens all the time! I remember mixing up Tucker and Wyndham before and thinking, "DOH!" But it's all good. Lots of ratties in the forum family here to keep track of, yes?

(I even did that with Russie and Stanley once, sheesh)
:lol: My mom STILL mixes up mine and my siblings' names after all these years. haha!
So does my mom!! :D
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