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Meet Mr. Meowsers

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As I was saying in another thread.. There's been another street cat. The difference with this one is that no one on my small community street knows who owns him...(everyone here on my street knows everyone else and communicates well). This kitty showed up early last week and boy, does he have lungs!! Eve (who is in the thread STREET CATS) guards the strret. She's the queen and kicks all others off the street, it's really cool. Anyway the morning that Meowsers came around Evey came too!! They shared Temptations treats- Usually Eve makes other cats go away at treat time (but we sneak them some anyway :p ) So Meowsers gobbled up the treats like a ravished an famine sticken child. I fed him the rest of the bag :rolleyes:

He's been hanging around, partly bc we feed him now. I put up ads with pics in case anyone is looking for him bc he's DEFINTIELY someone's pet. He's affectionate, meowy (hence the name), and totally comfortable in our house and with Coco. :yes:

The day it rained and he was outside I poked my head out the back door and he was just baying.. (if you can imagine a cat baying LOL) He didn't like the rain but didn't know what to do!! He also says goodbye as we bike off the road in the morning!! I fell in love with him on Day 1 (which is why I should never ever foster).

The first day he came by he was brushed and soft and clean. Now his paws are gray and he's getting mats and is dulling in coat. :( Poor thing. So here's the good news, my landlord said he was going to get a kitten once his dad left and renos were nearly done... Now that this cat is around with seemingly no home, he was asking me about how old he was, what gender, etc... The cat is no more than a yr old and I checked his teeth- very hardy little boy. He's still developing and not spraying outdoors or anything so I'd say under a yr. Tim said he wouldn't mind keeping him, but the predicament is: do we neuter him or not? I mean, what if someone comes by claiming it as their own? I think my landlord will wait a bit to see if I get responses about him (which I havent in a couple days now)

Without further ado.. Meet Mr. Meowsers!!! (name might change if Tim keeps him :( )

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And here's Eve cleaning up after him. OH yea, yesterday a stranger cat came on to the street facing off Meowsers and I watched out my window as Eve came up and make him go away.. It was nuts, National Geographic awe like, without the physical drama. I visited my sister's cat Illusion yesterday and he's a fat lard who def weighs 10 lbs or so, Mr Meowsers has hollow bones and a frail body, is he okay or should I buy him kitten food?
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aww so cute why not post flyers around to see if u find the owner. if after 30/60 days no one claimed him then u could get him neutured :) and hed be yours
Such a pretty boy I hope all goes well
Thanks guys! I posted online as I said. We might do up flyers and post them on the poles around here. With all the tourists and joggers it wouldn't go unseen!
I got an email today from someone (with bad grammar :( ) offering money for "Tiger". They spent no time telling me how much they missed him or even how and when he got out. It was weird "reward offoroed" was what it said, and that "our large dog is missing Tiger. He is distrogt and sad" So I don't think these people own Meowsers. To give them the benefit of the doubt I asked them what color collar he was wearing when he got out! :p
they definetly dont sound like his owners, did they reply to what collar ?
Nope. I guess they assumed I'd give up the kitty for the "reward".. The reward to me is either keeping him or finding his real owners... I doubt he's being looked for though as each day comes and goes.
He will need to see a groomer if not the vet up front. Today when we found him outside after school I found he has clumps of tangled fur and poop on his bum and tail base. The back of his rear legs, too, are tangled and in need of trimming. I feel so bad, I took Coco's slicker brush to him. He didn't mind that until I tried to gently brush out the worst of it. Then he growled. I calmed him but he was too agitated to let me do it again. :(
Good thing you don't fall on that trick, with those words, they sound not even a good owner. If they are serious, they should show in person.
I agree. It was a clever trick. Update on little Orange. Official name change since he' less whiny, and meowy. I seen him once this week.. I thought the old man across the street was taking him in, he WAS I mean but the old man is always out talking to people or talking to himself and I assumed the kitty would be outside too. . And there's a couple houses leaving food out for him. I have wet food but it wasn't touched so I won't put anymore out unless I see him. Last I seen him he was tommy-cat like. He wouldn't come up to me and Coco :( He's become distant.. I spent some time out last week with Eve and Orange, one on each hand getting pet :D

As for action for him, now I really don't know. I know he's got food and shelter here but I doubt further that anyone would want him from a shelter. My landlord Tim asked about him a couple days ago but he seems less enthustiastic about him.. He's concerned about Orange but never initiated his thoughts on having him neutered. I think Tim is afraid to have him neutered if the neighbors are keeping him in- and he works all the time so he never has time to talk to them.. I'll keep updates as they come :)
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TNR (trap,neuter,release).

I like him. I like orange cats.

But if he is living in the streets and nobody claims him (or even if someone does) he needs to be neutered as to not overpopulate the already overpopulation of unwanted cats.
I'm not totally sure since I never stop and chat with half my neighbors but all the cats around here are spayed. I just assumed since he liked it here he wouldn't venture off and make mini-Oranges but I suppose I should track down whose keeping him (haven't seen him in days with all this d**m rain) and see what's up.
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