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Meet Piper

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Meet Piper my Mottled Russian Campbells craigslist rescue. He was a " free to a good home" ad and with him being advertised as a biter and unsexed also kept in a bi-level cage but confined to the bottom so he had less room than a CT and his wheel was too low so it wouldn't turn. Since I had everything set up for the mice ( easily converted for little Piper) I decided to bring this little one home. Sorry About the quality I cant find my camera cord. Tomorrow I'll upload better ones. I have let him out in his ball and petted him a little and so far no bites. I know I said no dwarfs but I'm SO glad I got this little boy. :D He's a joy already even if I cant handle him yet. The last one is a video

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Aww!!! What a little fat!! *erp*. I mean PHat!! Yea, that's it! He is such a marvellous color and look how roly poly he is in his cage! I could die. Congrats!
Thanks :D I love him :D He's actually not fat if he was I'd have to test him for diabetes ... he's just a healthy baby. I'll post more pics of him soon :D I love his color so much :D As soon as I can touch him he'll be the most perfect rescue ever.
They still arent great but they are better

And he let me hold him :D just for a second but its something

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He's very cute! :)
Thanks :D We changed his name to Kodi ... can I change the thread name?
Hes sooooo cute ^_^ congrads on the rescue
Thanks :D I love him :D he is doing good so far.
Congrats! He is really cute.

One of my rats (Amherst) was rehomed to me because she was a "biter" has been about 1 yr now and I have not been bitten once by her. I believe it is an excuse to get rid of animals.

Oh and I observed something,your ham's bottom looks a bit wet...does he have wet tail??
Dwarfs dont get wet tail plus it dried when I got him home I think he just got wet on the ride here from a leaky water bottle. Plus he's not stinky and is acting normal so its fine. I noticed that when I was trying to sex him it concerned me too til I remembered only syrians up to 12 weeks can get it. Which my syrian babies will be 3 months next week and no signs of illness :D Woot!!
From everything I have read,dwarfs can get wet tail too.Unless all of the pages I read were wrong? And I know older hamsters (older then 12 weeks) can get it too,as I know people who had older hams get wet tail.

I was just wondering anyway.
Good luck with him.
"Dwarf Hamsters can suffer severe diarrhoea but it is not clear at present that they actually suffer from 'Wet Tail'."

"Wet tail is almost exclusively a disease of the Syrian hamster, Dwarf
hamsters do not usually suffer from it but they may and can develop diarrhea"

"Only syrian hamsters can get wet tail but at around the age of 12 weeks they usually develop an immunity to it. Wet tail is not simply a wet rear end. It is a nasty bacteria the in later stages results in diarrhea with a horrible smell. This makes the rear end look wet and messy thus giving the name 'wet tail'. "

This is what I know not saying its perfect but fromm the sites I've read thats what i know. Also Its not wet tail my female got it and it causes horrible smell and he doesnt smell at all.
Oh okay.
Wet tail can afflict older hamsters. I've had one as a kid that was well over 12 weeks old and he died of wet tail :( In any case, I didn't mean he was overweight fat!! I call retardedly cute animals fat all the time! I call my dog fat all the time and if anything he's a little underweight!!
Babies are most prone to it is what I meant. Also people confuse diarhea with wet tail often ( not saying you did) And its ok its just with him if he gets fat i have a lot to worry about. I try to keep them a healthy wait and he will need an even more special diet ( he's only getting Hazel hamster for now for the diabetes risk)
Congratulations to Kodi landing in such a loving caring home and well done to you on the rescue. He's beautiful.
Thanks :D Hopefully tomorrow me and all the babies will be moving. They are also each getting upgraded to a bin the size of a 20 gal as soon as i get the money.
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