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Was looking through some pics and sharing them with a friend, i figured others may enjoy them, so here they are (not all the horses that have shared my life, but the only ones i have pics of)

Dolly ~ I learnt to ride on this pony. She was as cunning as a fox and could spot a beginner a mile away. After being wiped out on trees, side swiping fences, sitting down and dropping you on your butt enough times you soon learnt to take control *LOL* We eventually got it together and she was a lot of fun and really sweet. She belonged to me best mate from High School. I used to go to her place often.

Selina ~ This girl was given to me by a lady, had her for years, got her in shocking condition, got her to the below condition only for the lady to take her back, i had nothing in writing that she was mine. Lesson learnt, but i did get my own back, not something i want to admit on here *LOL* This girl was my soul mate, we did absolutely everything together, went pretty much everywhere i went *L* She loved softserve icecream. I used to lay on her back in the paddock and cloud watch. She was the best listener. We also got a speeding warning off the police through town *LMAO* I still miss her terribly.

Anyone that owns horses knows that they will always do something on Sundays, when vets and services are ****ed expensive *LOL* Soooooo onto the Septic Saga.

I was agisting my Selina and another horse, Bo Deek, that noone was able to ride (i was retraining) at a friends farm. I get a call early Sunday morning, ya better come out we have a problem. My heart jumped into my throat. Onto my deadly treadly i get and peddle my way over.

What am i confronted with :?

They were both absolutely exhausted from struggling in their panic. We had to break the septic tank wall out. We couldnt lift them, so they had to be made to move, broke my heart. Bo Deek came out first (he was cuddled between Selina's legs) They were that tired, we had to whip him to get him to make the effort, once the wall was down he scrambled out, Selina was just laying there, no fight left struggling to breath from being in such an awkward position for heaven knows how long! I really thought i was going to lose her. She had her legs sorta stuck on a second half wall inside the septic, we broke that down. And it still makes me cry to remember having to whip her to help helrself while we pulled on what ropes we could get on her, finally she too was free. From when they were found to both out was 5 hours.

In the pic below, you can see the trashed septic (which had a shed over it originally, how they got in there i'll never know!) The little pic in the corner, is me holding Bo Deek, while Selina is tied to the fence. I was smiling as i was so relieved they were out, this was before their much needed bath! The bath revealed Bo Deek suffered a severe slice to his slomach (he got caught on the half wall too) and required a vet to clean, jab him, and sew him up with drains incase of infection. He was put on very high dose antibiotics due to the nasties that live in septics!.

Other than the obvious exhaustion and belly slice they came out of it well, especially when i was picturing broken bones etc!

Knicky ~ He was a rescue, he came with a mare, sadly the mare had to be destroyed after failing to improve with treatment for extremely severe founder. I had him for many years, and was one of those horses you could leave in a paddock for months, then saddle up and ride without any no use dramas. I only sold him because i moved to QLD. He was a gorgeous boy
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