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Merlin & Jester

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We are trying to introduce Merlin and Jester right now. They get along fine, but i was wondering what it means if Merlin turns his back on Jester? I just want to know whether its good or bad so I have an idea C:
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To be honest, with degus the rule is "no blood, no foul". Even small arguments are fine and there's no need to separate unless they draw blood. It sounds like things are going well so far, great job :).
Thank you! its just previously with mojo, Merlin was attacked and is getting really nervy for some reason... he gets along fine with Jester though!
Introductions going along well! they get along well in neutral territory and if i handle them both, but when they both go in the cage, they fight? its mostly boxing, but they fall off teh shelf, so i take one out. I know that rolling around, injurys or fur being torn out are serious fighting, but are there any more signs?
Make sure the cage has been cleaned really well before putting them together, you want it to seem like more neutral territory. Letting them share a dustbath and then placing it in the cage also helps :).

It sounds like they're having typical degu arguments which are especially common with newly introduced degus. Nothing to worry about unless it escalates.
They where just fighting quite badly... they where rolling around in a ball. We are going to get another cage with a bottom now...
Were they fighting in the cage? How had it been cleaned? You don't want it to smell like just one of them.
yes, it was in the cage, but we have been following Degutopias guide, with out cleaning them out and switching around their cages.
I could understand not cleaning the cage when you're switching them but "switching" usually means having one degu per cage...just switching which one is in each cage. When they're ready to be introduced together in the cage it needs to be cleaned.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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