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:wavey: We got a new degu called Merlin yesterday! He is very cute and he loves to climb onto my hand and chew my jumper-naughty! Could anyone help me with:
Introducing tips
How to get him to eat nuts
How to get him into a sandbath?
He was on his own in the pet shop, so I'm hoping that our other boys will teach him the ropes, as they are always trying to interact! :approve: He is only young, about the size of a large gerbil and has 'adopted' Mojo (another 'goo) through the cage bars so I think we wont have many problems.
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Congrats on your new degu! :)

There are a lot of older threads with introduction info so check those out first. If you have any more questions, ask :).

What kinds of nuts are you offering? Degus definitely don't need nuts in their diet so I wouldn't be worried if he doesn't eat them. Maybe try another treat like sugar-free cereal?

As for the dust bath, just keep trying. What type of sand are you using? He'll probably learn from the others but the occasional degu never seems to learn (usually the ones kept alone like your new guy).
I have tried to introduce them today because they are very vocal sat next to each other (seperate cages). I have read up on how to do this but Mojo just sort of sat, sniffed ('Oh its you' sniff) and lunged. Next thing I know, they are rolling around the bath a.k.a neutral territory, so I squeaked really loudly to stop them and threw a towel over them, removed Mojo and Jester
and gathered up the soft,fluffy towel Merlin had 'nested' in and held him for a bit to calm him down.

Im using Chinchilla sand at the mo and I found out he loves dried rose petals ... where to get those apart from my little 'salad mix' bag...?
It sounds like you introduced them WAY too fast. They should be housed next to each other without any intros for at least a week. You can mix bedding between the cages and let them share a dust bath, too. THEN you do a short into in neutral short, I mean like a minute. Slowly let them stay together longer if they do OK. It's also easier to introduce just two at a time.

I wouldn't do any more intros for a couple of weeks...another fight could result in them never getting along. Degus hold grudges :(.
Oh... I thought it didnt need to be that long :( He still wont dustbath though... I have done the mixing bedding thing and I only wanted to put them in for a short time as an idea of how they get along... I will take your advice and leave it for the next week and a bit at least!
Good luck and keep me updated!

I've done quick intros with females but it's always better to take it slow with males.
Mojo seems to be really dominant, really squeaking and trying to bite/groom? Merlins tail as it pokes through the bars... Jester is sitting near Merlin but not too close because Mojo attacks him to keep him away from Merlin, if that makes sense? So whenever Mojo is distracted, Jester comes and says hi with the chitters they do (I reasearched on but when Mojo comes, he takes off... do you know why? Merlin is now quite but he still sits as close as possible in the cage next door... We are going to get an extension for our cage so that it is absolutely huge and we can do a horizontal split and have enough room for all 3 of them :D
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