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I was watching TV last night when I heard a quiet clatter from the cage and something hit the tray. Shortly after Beekle had a 'hissy fit' flying around. This is unusual for him especially since I'd closed the cage in preparation for putting the cover on.

I watched him for a while and he was regurgitating (not vomitting) while sitting on various perches. No one was around and he wasn't near his mirror so I got a bit concerned. I turfed him (gently) out of his cage and gave it a thorough clean and replaced all the food.

After letting him back in he settled down and seemed to drift off to sleep.

This morning he seemed fine but under his sleeping perch his poop was in a single white splash rather than the normal lots of black dots.

I went back home at lunch today and he's out and about much as normal squeaking at me and the radio. What poop I can find now seems normal.

I think it was either a one off stomach upset or perhaps he started regurgitating at his pal in the mirror and he just couldn't stop.
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