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mixing degu with other animals?

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my very friendly degu lost his friend yesterday. we were looking at putting a gerbil in with him. he isn't at all territorial and isn't coping on his own. his cage is big (enough for 10 degus so definitely enough for him and a gerbil.) and we could adjust him to fit both of them. could this work?
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no unfortunatley i dont think that would be a good idea as they are diffrent types of aniamls and would require diffrent id be worried the degus would crush the gerbil...arent they bigger then gerbils ?
my degu is very small, we could work out the feeding. thanks anyway
Don't put them together. Gerbils are very territorial and degus are too. I wouldn't put another degu in with a degu without going through the proper introduction process (or gerbil in with another, for that matter).

Most you could do is put the gerbil cage near the degu cage so that they know there's someone nearby. I tried this when one of my gerbils passed away and was left with one lone gerbil; however, this just freaked my poor gerbil out so much that I had to move the cage away from the degus.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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