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Mom rat bit baby rat by accident help?

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I have a female rat that was with about two other rats.
( my aunt brought me them because they were suppose to be snake food ) but i ended up liking them.
my problem, these rats were never really held!?
so the mom was kind of mean to begin with, then i realized she was pregnant!
so shes even more mean.
So i check the babys but i have to distract mom sometimes.
sometimes the mom is right in front of me and its hard for me to put the babys back into her little make shift nest.
and the way she looks at me i know shes going to try to defend and or bite me.
( well my mom told me if i would just leave the little one near the door she would just take the baby back and it would be fine)
which i have owned rats and know mommys are really good at it.
so i did that and the mom bite the baby!! omg , and not likely like hard - because she was trying to defend her babys and thought maybe the baby was , me?
She bit right in the eye of the new little one and alittle on the head i feel so bad , and now its kinda swollen , the babys are only 7 days old . and she had 10 babys.
i hope shes ok! i hate myself now , its swollen.
she bite me a few weeks ago and my finger was swollen for a good two days and it hurt to bend it so i know it hurts?
any suggestions?
im not really sure what to do?
will mom take care of her the best she can?
i know if the baby lives the baby will be blind in that eye :(

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Accidents sadly happen...if the baby lives, being blind will not affect him or her at all...they won't know they are "disabled".

You might want to put the wee babies in a small box and put them right inside the cage so that she acts less grabby. Be careful, an unsocialized female fighting with hormonal aggression on top of it, can make yours and her life very difficult. She should settle by the 3rd week, the imperative to protect starts to lessen.

Offer the back of your hands to her to will have to work on socializing her as well as the babies, but obviously not at the same time :p
thanks for replying , she killed it i think , but the other 9 our healthy post pics soon
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