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I very much dislike saying this;
My boyfriend realized he had received a pregnant mouse from the pet store, his snakes wouldn't eat her so he decided to keep her. Once her baby mice are adults he will feed them to his snakes.

She gave birth 5 days ago and it was very successful, I left her alone and spot cleaned the cage on the 4th day.

She has been constantly stressed especially when I quickly give her more food or water. She is very protective of her children, I don't blame her, but She will toss bedding at me or food to get me to go away. My boyfriend was able to hold one of the baby mice, but only because she accidentally dragged him out and the poor mommy mouse flipped till she had her baby.

I have read in multiple places that you should handle the babies on the 4th day for a little bit, but have refused to do so since I don't want her to become over stressed.

wondering if anyone who has handled pregnant mice before can give me some advice on this.
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