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Virginia, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and now Illinois have all introduced bills to ban the ownership of a long list of so-called 'dangerous wild animals'.

Many of these listings include ALL pythons and boas (from the native rosy and rubber boas, to ball pythons and boa constrictors, etc etc).

If you care about your right to keep the pets you choose, you need to get directly involved in fighting these bills. Often only a small number of people turn out for hearings, or bother to write in. Your participation will MATTER.

Remember, this isn't about whether you think just anyone should be allowed to own a tiger. These bills encompass a huge number of animals, from tigers to small, harmless pet reptiles. Hundreds of thousands of these animals are in homes in these States, and most of their owners have no idea that this is going on.

Once a law is passed, it's exceptionally difficult to overturn or change it.
While one can argue for licensing for the ownership of large, dangerous animals, there's simply no cause for BANNING them...much less banning animals that have never posed any threat at all to humans, and which are very easy to care for pets.

If you live in one of the affected States, please post, and I can get you the information on who to call and write to. There's not a lot of time to make your voice heard.

Remember, that HSUS is certainly making their voice heard! They have the ear of the legislators in some of these States. We need to make sure they hear the rest of us.
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