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Is the mouse over grooming or chewing the whiskers off? both can be known as barbering.
usually this behavior is not a problem and is a part of the pecking order or possibly bad genetics in some cases. However if there is blood or wounds (other than missing fur) visible then I would separate them.

If it is only baldness you can try a few things. First give them more stimulations. This will help keep her from being too bored. You can try new toys toilet paper rolls with treats folded inside but the more new things to explore the better. You can also let them have some alone time. One can run in a ball while the other one enjoys the cage. vise versa

Once the quarantine is over the mouse will have other mice to groom. That will def help the other mouse get more breaks. :lol: There's no need to separate them over missing hair unless it becomes really extreme and possibly injures the other mouse. It can add more confusion to the perking order if the two original ones have to re establish dominance with each other as well as the new ones.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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