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mouse dilemma - please help!

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Could you please help with a mouse dilemma?

Six months ago we bought two young female mice from a pet store. They did not particularly bond with each other and, in the beginning, they fought each other. It soon became apparent that one of them was 'sickly'. She had seizures almost every day. Last month, she developed an abscess on her face. We took her to vet who tried to drain the abscess, but the mouse died (possibly of fright) in the veterinarian's hand.

Our question is this: the remaining mouse seems SO much happier and livelier now that she is a solo mouse. Her activity levels are higher, she is more interested in interacting with us. Her appetite is good.

Everything we read suggests that female mice should ALWAYS be kept with other female mice. Should we go buy another couple of mice to keep her company? Is it possible that she is content to be a lone mouse?

Your opinion/advice would be greatly appreciated. We are new to mice keeping.

Thank you,

Ann and Jane
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My condolences for your mouse that passed away, I am so sorry. :(
I too have heard that female mice especially need to have female roomates to socialize with, but if you think your lone female seems happier alone, maybe she is just one of those mice that prefers to be alone? I am sure some mouse veterans on this forum will offer some good advice. It is a good question to bring up! Again, I am sorry for your other mouse. :(
I'm so sorry for your loss. There is a high possibility that the reason they fought was due to the fact that she knew the other one was sick prior to you knowing. Animals sense things way before we do. So its honestly up to you if you want to try another set of mice and see if she gets along with them. If you decide to make sure you have a seperate cage for them just incase they do not get along. You do not want to leave them together if they're fighting, cause they are capable of a lot if they're angry...even though they are little.
I would say to trust your instincts. If you think that she seems happier and livelier now than she was before, then I would probably just keep her by herself. It might very well be that having a companion in the cage actually caused her more stress than happiness. I'd keep an eye on her and see how she does over the next couple of weeks, but it might just be that she prefers to be by herself.
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