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Mouse Questions.

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I am interested in rescuing two baby female mice from becoming snake food. I normally end up getting older mice so this is kind of new to me.
The lady said she thinks they are 2.5 weeks old. I was wondering, are they old enough to come home with me?
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No,unfortunately that is too young to leave their mom. They should not leave the mom till 4-5 weeks.
Hopefully she will wait for them to be older so I can take two.
She said it was an unexpected litter and she will give them to her friend's snake if she does not find them homes. Unfortunatly I can only take two of them.
Let her know you are definitely willing to take a couple,so that way she knows she has at least a couple homes lined up and waits.

Mice are not weaned until 4 weeks and even then when I had mouse babies,I would not separate or rehome until 5 weeks.

Good luck!!
Thank you again! I will try to get her to wait until they are 5 weeks old if I can. If not, do you think they will be fine at 4 weeks old?
How old are mice normally when you get them from a petstore?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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