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Mouse shaking, twitching, spazzing out at all times

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I need help. I have a mouse collection that love to take care of. In one tank, i have a mouse that is flipping out. About 2 weeks ago it looked sick. Next day, it was very much so. His eyes were crusted shut, his fur was a mess, didnt look well at all. I removed him from the tank to get him away from his girl friends. Then after a few days he looked better. Gave him a few more days by himself then returned him back home. He was very jumpy, acted weird. I thought he was just alone and didnt have anyone with him so he went wild for a little bit (they are white mice by the way). Then a day or so went by and i picked him up, he was still wild, jumpy, etc. Then a day or so later, after i picked him up he was get in these fits of shaking, twitching, head bobbing while i was holding him and a few minutes after i returned him into the cage. He calmed down after. Then it started happening 24/7. He is shaking, going nutts. It looks like he has tourette syndrome or a constant seizure. The wierd thing he is walking around, eating, smelling his girl friends you know what and so on. For all i know he is still making babies. WHAT IS WRONG??? I looked everywhere, ask around and nobody has an answer. Im going to remove him again and put in his own tang, but i dont know what to do. I dont have money for a vet, so maybe there are meds to give him. But i find this very odd. Anyone have any answers.
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I really hope someone can help you. Taking him to the vet would be best, but I certainly understand not having the money to go to an exotic vet. They charge way too much.. Good luck.
Thanks for the reply. I'm sure someone will know what's going on and have an answer for me. Do u know another place like this site where is can post the same question.
I don't have any to recommend, but I'd search around for rodent/mouse forums using Google.
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