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Movie genres you DON'T like.

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There is a thread here about movie genres that you I decided to do the opposite.Are there any genres you DON'T like?

I will normally watch anything...however the genre I cannot stand is romance.Romance movies are really sappy and lame.They are not my cup of tea.Oh and I am generally not a chick flick fan either.

How bout you guys?
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<3 War Movies. They're real great motivators for me. Anything with a good story and centered around fighting and getting stronger is good in my book. Movies like 300 and Saving Private Ryan are among my favorites.

I want to ask those of you who have responded, and those of you who have yet to respond -- what are your opinions on Borat? I know some people who are strongly against both the movie and the character/guy that plays the character. And there's others who said they watched the movie but failed to find the humor.

Personally, I thought it was one of the funniest movies ever...I even own the DVD.,what a weird movie! I laughed at it tho.However the guy (I know it is Ali G...but the character Borat) reminds me of my ex who was from Turkey,so it kind of creeps me out in that aspect.
For sure!
luvnature said:
no zombies i live isnt that bad.

You are what you eat, goes the saying. Everything you take in, be in physically, mentally, emotionally or visually etc.. does effect you in one way or another. But it's everyones choice as to what they like to watch, i'm not putting anyone down. Its just my choice not to watch that type of thing.
i hear you on that one i stopped watching horror movies and my nightmares have lost some of the gore...
pluss I had demons hanging out in my house
watching me shower
no joke
seeing shadows and that eerie feeling like im being watched in the shower
i threw open the shower curtain so many times expecting to see my husband but nope
just a creepy presence of something else

by the way i dont ever tell anyone this cause they think im crazy but they were here and testing me to see if i would come out and play with them
I dislike romance and drama... I think I can count with my fingers the romance/drama movies that I actually like. I prefer comedies and horror movies. 8)
I hate war movies, all because of my dad, that was all he would watch that and westerns. This upsets hubby cause I will refuse to watch them at all, I also hate most sci fi movies like star wars, star trek oh and I hate zombie movies they just move to dang slow for me..
I hate slasher movies. The ones with just pointless killing. And I'm not big on war movies. I'm more into anime myself. But I do like Romantic comedies, fantasy and sci-fi stuff. I don't like stupid stuff like Jack-***. I can feel my brain cells dying just for watching that stuff! lol
Hahaha...funny you mention it,I have the movie "Jackass 2" on right now in the background! I love it.
I can't stand sappy romantic movies.:neenaw:
Don't like modern horror movies at all. (Saw; Hostel; etc.) They're sick, twisted, vicious, and extraordinarily disturbing. I will not watch them. I will watch "horror" movies from the 1950's... those mummies, zombies, monsters, are so tame by todays standards that they seem almost charmingly innocent.
Not usually a big fan of romance films either - most lack the character development and depth that would make them more tolerable. One exception is A Walk In The Clouds with Keanu Reeves (or however he spells it). I thought that one was pretty decent. <-Steve->
Horror movies..... I think insane people make those kinds of movies. To have that kind of stuff in your head and want to make a movie about it is just sick IMO. To want to see it even sicker. If the stuff in those kinds of movies really happened (like the greyhound guy on the bus who got stabbed then beheaded) people would be horrified and not think it is so cool. But wait...sometimes we do hear about and see pretty horrible, wicked things like the stuff we see in horror movies, dont we?! :yes:

Why would anyone want to go pay to see it on the bigscreen. Sad, sick and twisted stuff is already too prevelant, its sad.

I think those kinds of movies can make an already unstable person go over the edge and do something terrible...acting it out on someone or something.
Too many of those types of movies delve into spiritisic and demonic practices. I stay away from all that trash.
I love and enjoy horror/thriller movies.
I also like true crime books and find them fascinating...but I am not insane! :D

I hardly think these movies turn people insane!
People who kill and do other sick things are already disturbed and have been before they seen a movie! Thats my opinion!
Reread my post. :)

I dont think they turn them insane but what I said is that they can make an already unstable person go over the edge. It sure cant do an already crazy person any good to watch those movies or benefit from them in any way.
I did read your post and know you never said that...I said that.I was stating MY opinion.
Oh, It seemed your response was because of what I posted since you posted right after my post.

Hey, cavewoman...dont start with me!!
Heheehe ...only playing! :p

Well I did reply,since this thread was bumped up and just decided to post my opinion.I know yours and mine differ and thats okay with hard feelings!!!

I do like horror/suspence movies too, even though I kinda agree with luvnature... movies can influence people to do stuff, like when little kids tried to fly after watching superman. However, a mentally unstable person could be potentially dangerous regardless of whatever type of movie they watch.
I don't like horror because I'm a big wuss. I also don't like dumb comedy with bodily function jokes and stuff.
I love almost anything except chick flicks, especially Sex & the City, I HONESTLY watched 10minutes, put up my hands and said DONE!! I am glad I seen those 10minues for free.

I like the whole Drama, Comedy &&Romance from Japanese &&Korean TV shows - and Benny and Joone is a really good movie, funny with a bit of romance!
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