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i recently noticed that my African Dwarf frog has become reclusive and had lost its appetite, at first i didnt think much of it but then he started to shed and made no attempt to rid himself of his new skin and completely lost his appetite and refused to eat no matter what i placed in front of him, i tried bloodworms brine shrimp reptomin and pellets and none of it seems to be workin. I then noticed one night that dean was trying very hard to escape through the hole where i place the heater. at this point i started applying lifeguiard all in one treatment to their tank and then thought to myself is hes sick i should isolate him which i did all my other frogs (i have 4 frogs total) seem okay and dont have any trouble eating just dean he seems miserable and he wasnt always like this ive had him fro several months and i dont know what went wrong i keep them in a 5 gallon tank (that actually holds more like 3.75 0r 4 gallons) that has a heater and a filter and shelter as well as plants. i feed them regularly and change their water every 2 weeks and completely clean their tank every month. does anyone have any advice on what this might be and how i might treat dean id feel terrible if he died


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I'm going to remove the other threads and just keep this one since I think you'll get the most help in this section :).

My advice would be to stop medicating and get your water tested (at least test ammonia and nitrite). Most pet stores will do this for free. It's hard to figure out what's going on without knowing your water parameters.

Four frogs in a 5-gallon is kind of crowded, I'd recommend at least a 10-gallon for that many frogs. It's possible that your current set-up is too over-stocked for the bacteria to keep up, leading to ammonia and/or nitrite spikes (both of which are toxic). I'm also kind of confused by your cleaning routine. Is the tank cycled? Regular full water changes (your monthly cleaning) might be stressing the frogs out (but it definitely wouldn't cause them to get that sick, they're hardy animals). What is your routine during these monthly cleanings?

What's the temperature in the tank, by the way?

If they were my frogs, I would set up a 10-gallon and use gravel from the old tank to kick start the cycle. If available, I would also use Tetra SafeStart (nothing else, even if a product claims to be the same). Then I'd move all the frogs to the new tank and monitor the water parameters closely.
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