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Well, since I'm new here I figured I'd post photos of my babies. :)

This is Kit punching her best friend Zoe, the great-dane, in the face. ;) She's such a cheeky little girl.
She's my baby- I love her to death!

This is Handy (on the left) the day we got him- He's got a bit of a mean streak, but we love him to death! And nobody could replace Kit-Kat's boy toy. ;)

This is Gypsy- He's an extremely sweet boy, but he's very shy around people he doesn't know. He's a bit skittish, but will "play" with the dogs through his cage bars- Showing that he is VERY confident in his own home! ;)

This is Apep. He's very laid-back, and loves to climb into my shirt and cuddle. I've nick-named him "Aypoo-poo" on account he thinks its funny to poop a few minutes after you take him out of his cage! He's a little stinker, too- He used to get along great with Gypsy, but now refuses to be in the same cage with him. He starts fights between the two, and Apep just doesn't have the fur to protect him, so they have to be separated. Both of my boys will come straight to the cage when you call their names and make kissy noises at them.

This is Kasa, the most recent addition to the family. I got her just one day ago, and she's very shy. I hope she'll soon grow used to the fact that I am her new family, and realize that she is safe in her new home!
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