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My bunnies been acting different

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I recently got a bunny last week and when i would let him out the cage hed run around and binky and come running back to me hed always sit in my lap. Now after i introduced pellets into his diet he acts very hyper and scared if hes in his cage **** knock over his bowl of hay and water cantine and when i let him go he runs around hidng in placed from us and when i call him he wont come he runs off hiding and when he runs he twitches his head almost every second. i stopped feeding him pellets for a day to see if that was the cause and he stopped eating his hay he only eats certain hay now hes become very picky i dont know why and now my mom wants to sell him because she thinks hes only going to become worse as he gets bigger any ideas what i should do? :confused:
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You've only had him for a week, so give him a chance to calm down. Since he is in a new environment, he is going to be nervous and a little scared right now. Has anything changed since you've first gotten him? Can he smell a dog/cat or hear any scary noises?

Make sure he has plenty of exercise... They will start obliterating everything in their cage when they are frustrated.

I'm guessing he is young? Buns under a year should have unlimited access to hay and pellets, so don't take them away anymore! Changing his diet so much is probably stressing him out too.
Rabbits are more sensitive than guinea pigs. People get Rabbits for a Easter present and find that the emotional issues are to hard to overcome.
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